Complicated graffiti: Suicide stanza surprises Coleman Street resident

Talk about a killer catchphrase!

Most graffiti vandals have very short tags like “Elf” or “Share” or “Mode,” but Marine Park is home to a more prolific, and somewhat darkly artistic, if not downright disturbing, wall writer.

On Nov. 11, someone scrawled the words, “Another complicated suicide!” in red paint on the side of Linda Guglielmo’s home on Coleman Street between Avenues S and T, damaging her aluminum siding.

Guglielmo, who found the phrase that morning, was astounded by the discovery.

“Nothing like that happens here,” she explained, adding that she has no idea why the vandal would target her home.

Thursday’s graffiti bombing was also pretty complicated, to say the least. The alleyway where the graffiti was found isn’t your typical dark, poorly monitored patch of urban wasteland.

First off, there’s a light attached to a motion detector, Guglielmo said. Her neighbor also has a surveillance camera monitoring the narrow passageway.

Cops are looking for the vandal, but they don’t quite know what to make of the wall scrawler, prompting Guglielmo and her husband to do some snooping on their own.

The graffiti, they soon learned, could be a cry for help.

When they did a Google search of the phrase, the first thing that they found was the poem, “Complicated Suicide” by Bianca Baier.

As expected, the poem is rife with dark imagery about someone who attempts to kill herself, but fails repeatedly. The happiest stanza read, “Tried to cut myself to die, I guess it is not my time. Same old trip, that did not work.”

Who says Marine Park doesn’t have a dark side?