Coney Island precinct’s cat, Marty, dies after being hit by a car

Coney Island precinct’s cat, Marty, dies after being hit by a car
File photo by Jordan Rathkopf

Paws for a moment of silence for one of New York’s Furriest.

Cops at the 60th Precinct are mourning the passing of their cat Marty, who died after being hit by a car on Aug. 25.

The Coney Island precinct announced the passing of its resident feline on social media.

Roomies: The 60th Precinct’s commanding officer, Deputy Inspector William Taylor, shared his office with Marty, who died on Aug. 25 after being hit by a car.
File photo by Caroline Spivack

“Sad to announce our Precinct cat Marty has passed away. He was hit by a car and later died due to his injuries. He will truly be missed by all in the command. RIP Marty,” the officers tweeted.

Cops heard the cat meowing in distress outside the precinct’s back door the morning of the incident, and later found him with injuries that suggested he was hit by a car, according to a Police Department spokeswoman.

Officers brought Marty inside the precinct, placed him in an animal kennel, and then took him to an area animal clinic where vets deemed his injuries too severe for treatment, and put him down, according to Sgt. Jessica McRorie.

Fat cat in charge: Marty had free reign of the station house, and spent his days hunting mice and napping.
File photo by Jordan Rathkopf

The cops adopted the furball back in February 2017 when they found him on the doorstep of the Coney Island station house.

They named him after Police Officer Martin DiCostanza, who pushed for the precinct to adopt the kitty.

He roamed freely around the building and often greeted the station’s top cop in the morning, curled up in his office chair.

Therapy cat: The furry copper cuddled with officers for mid-shift stress relief.
File photo by Jordan Rathkopf

Marty was beloved for cheering up the officers at the station house after their shifts and will be sorely missed.

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