Congestion pricing: The Brooklyn vote

The City Council approved the mayor’s plan to charge car drivers $8 and truck drivers $21 to enter Manhattan below 60th Street by a 30–20 vote on Monday. But here in Brooklyn, the vote went the opposite way.

Yes votes (7) Degree of flip-flop
Simcha Felder (D–Borough Park) Major! Two weeks ago, he told The Brooklyn Paper: “Until there are more details on exactly what Brooklyn will get from money generated from congestion pricing, I cannot support this plan.”
Sara Gonzalez (D–Sunset Park) Minor. Two weeks ago, her spokesman said “the final product has not been presented yet,” so the councilwoman was undecided.
Letitia James (D–Fort Greene) No flip flop. The councilwoman had been “leaning yes.”
Domenic Recchia (D–Bensonhurst) Unclear. The councilman said he was undecided two weeks ago.
Kendall Stewart (D–Flatbush) Major! Two weeks ago, he said he would vote no because “people from New Jersey must pay, too.” And he called residential parking permits “another tax as far as I’m concerned.”
Al Vann (D–Bedford-Stuyvesant) Unclear. The councilman never called us back.
David Yassky (D–Brooklyn Heights) No flip flop. Yassky long favored the mayor’s plan.
No votes (10) Degree of flip-flop
Diana Reyna (D–Bushwick) Unclear. The councilman said he was undecided two weeks ago.
Charles Barron (D–Brownsville) No flip flop. Barron long opposed the mayor’s plan as “a regressive tax on those who can afford it least.”
Bill DeBlasio (D–Park Slope) Unclear. He said he was undecided, yet had a long list of reasons for opposing the plan, including a “woefully inadequate” public debate and the “effect on low-income commuters.”
Erik Martin Dilan (D–East NY) No flip flop. Two weeks ago, Dilan said, “I hate congestion pricing.”
Mathieu Eugene (D–Crown Heights) Unclear. Two weeks ago, he was undecided and leaning against it.
Lew Fidler (D–Canarsie) No flip flop. Fidler has long opposed congestion pricing.
Vince Gentile (D–Bay Ridge) No flip flop. Gentile opposed congestion pricing because it did not have “benchmarks [like] 24-hour R-train service [and] better bus service.”
Diane Mealy (D–East NY) Unclear. She never called us back.
Michael Nelson (D–Sheepshead Bay) No flip flop. Nelson opposed congestion pricing because he had not been shown that “it will help the environment enough to add this tax to my constituents.”
James Oddo (R–Dyker Heights) No flip flop. Oddo opposed congestion pricing because the mayor never “demonstrated how it benefits” his district.