Cops: Help us catch the sickos who stole Mucinex in Greenpoint

Cold and flu: Police say these two suspects swiped several boxes of Mucinex from a Greenpoint Rite Aid two weeks ago.
Courtesy NYPD

The two teenaged perps entered the Rite Aid on Manhattan Avenue near Meserole Avenue at 5:50 pm and perused the cold and flu aisle before stuffing several boxes of the cold medication into a large red gift bag, according to police.

Investigators are trying to track down two individuals — both believed to be about 18 years old, 5-foot-8, and approximately 170 pounds — who were captured on surveillance video.

Drug abusers sometimes consume Mucinex D as a stimulant or use it an ingredient in manufacturing methamphetamine, but Greenpoint police believe the thieves were planning to sell the nasal decongestant back to other stores for half its price.

There have been several reported thefts of the drug in Connecticut and Virginia in recent months, but few in the New York area.

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