Cops investigate rape on Green Street

94th Precinct


Green Street rape

A woman’s boyfriend raped her in her Green Street apartment on April 23, according to police.

The victim told investigators she was having sex with her boyfriend at 11 pm, but felt pain and told him to stop several times. But he ignored her and continued, she said.

Cops are still searching for the suspect.

Punchy perp

A crook punched a man in the face and stole his wallet on Jackson Street on May 5.

The victim told cops he was near Kingsland Avenue at 5:35 am when the thief approached him and slugged him.

The man fell down and the perp stole his wallet fled.

Phone grabbers

Thieves punched a man in the face after they tried to steal his iPhone on Metropolitan Avenue on May 6.

The victim told cops he was near Graham Avenue at 1 pm when a teenaged duo confronted him and one perp snatched his phone from his hand.

The victim chased the crooks down the street and managed to recover the iPhone — but one of the thieves punched him in his right eye and ran off.

Mac missing

A thief stole a laptop from a Bedford Avenue apartment on April 30.

The tenant left her building at 3:30 pm and when she returned three hours later, she saw it was gone.

Laptop heist

A crook snatched a MacBook computer from a N. Fifth Street apartment on April 30.

The tenant left his building at 9:40 pm and when he returned 20 minutes later, he noticed the computer had vanished.

Bumbling burglar

A tenant fought off a burglar inside his N. Eighth Street home on May 4.

The resident told police he confronted the intruder inside his apartment at 12:30 pm.

After a tussle, the perp fled. Police arrested a suspect nearby.

Tool time

A thief stole hand tools, a copper pipe, a level, and a saw from a Lorimer Street basement on May 4.

The tenant told police his neighbor near Norman Avenue called him at home at 5 pm to tell him the lock was broken. When he checked the basement, he realized his stuff was gone.

Rims snatched

A thief stole tires and rims from a car parked on Freeman Street.

The driver parked his Honda near Franklin Street on April 30 at 10 am, but when he returned 24 hours later, the automotive components were nowhere to be found.

Suit yourself

A thief stole several suits, hats, colognes, and pen sets from a car parked on McGuinness Boulevard.

The driver left his vehicle near Greenpoint Avenue on May 3 at 4 pm. When he returned 12 hours later, he saw his rear passenger window was broken and his stuff was gone.

Break in bad

Police say they nabbed a thief stealing cash from a parked car on Meeker Avenue on May 5.

The car’s owner and his friend told investigators they spotted someone inside the vehicle near N. Seventh Street at 12:05 am and pulled the would-be-crook out of the car.

Officers arrived on the scene and took a suspect into custody.

— Aaron Short