Cops: Pizza maker slices coworker’s face

94th Precinct


Pizza sliced

This assault didn’t come with extra cheese.

Police say a 28-year-old restaurant worker sliced his coworker’s face with a pizza cutter inside their Manhattan Avenue pizzeria on May 31.

The two dough boys got into an argument in the eatery near Calyer Street at 3 pm, when the suspect grabbed a pizza wheel and slashed the victim’s face from his forehead to his left eyebrow, cops reported.

Paramedics took the victim to Woodhull Hospital for treatment and cops arrested the suspect.

Stick job

A robber held up a man at gunpoint on Driggs Avenue on June 1 — and took off with his cash.

The victim said he was near N. 11th Stret at 1:40 am when the thief pointed his gun and took the man’s cash and jewelry.

Guitar gone

A jerk smashed the window of a car parked on Graham Avenue on May 30 — and stole a guitar left inside.

The driver said he parked his car near Skillman Avenue at 11 pm, but when he returned to the spot at 8 am the next day, his rear passenger-side window was smashed in and his instrument was gone.

Kitchen sink

A thief stole copper pipes, a sink, and an air conditioning unit from a Green Street development overnight on May 29.

The developer told cops he locked up the building near Manhattan Avenue at 4 pm, but when he returned at 8 am, the door was damaged and the apartment furnishings were removed.

Beer run

A thirsty thief stole six cans of beer and some cookies from a Manhattan Avenue bodega on May 30.

The clerk noticed the man sneak into the store’s backyard between Dupont and Eagle streets at 5 am and put the beers in his backpack, he told cops. He confronted the thief, who pushed him out of the way and fled down Freeman Street.

Computers taken

Someone broke into a Manhattan Avenue apartment on May 30 — and left with a laptop, camera, suitcase, and video game system.

The tenant told police he left his building near Nassau Avenue at 2 pm, but when he returned at 8 pm, the apartment was ransacked and his stuff was missing.

Meds missing

A fiend stole a computer, medication, and headphones from a car parked on Kent Avenue on June 2.

The driver told police she parked her car near N. 10th Street at 8:30 pm, but when she returned hours later, the driver’s-side window was broken and her stuff was gone.

Honda hoodwinked

A thief drove off with a Honda parked on Woodpoint Road on May 29.

The driver said he parked his car near Skillman Avenue at 6:30 pm, but when he returned to the spot at 8 am the next day, it was gone.

— Aaron Short