Cops searching for hit and run driver in high speed Flatbush crash

A high speed crash in Flatbush left two cars totaled, a woman hospitalized and a reckless driver on the run.
Photo by Ben Verde

Cops are searching for a recidivist reckless driver who fled the scene of a high-speed crash in Flatbush that left a 30-year-old woman hospitalized.

Police say the victim was driving westbound on Church Avenue at around 11:30 pm on Sept. 30 when she collided with a grey 2020 Nissan Ultima in the intersection of Ocean Avenue. 

The woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to Maimonides Medical Center in stable condition. 

The driver of the grey Nissan totaled their car before fleeing.Photo by Ben Verde

The collision sent the two cars barreling into a median in the middle of Ocean Avenue, with the totaled Nissan ending up suspended on two wheels lodged into the barrier.

The driver of the Nissan, who fled the scene before cops arrived, has a serious history of reckless driving, state records show. According to How My Driving NY, the plates assigned to the car have racked up 103 violations between September 2020 and September of this year, including 26 school zone speeding violations, most of them in the Flatbush area. 

The totaled Nissan was lodged into a barrier with two wheels in the air.Photo by Ben Verde

Under stalled legislation to impound the cars of drivers with over 15 school zone speeding violations, the hit-and-run driver would have had their car booted 16 tickets ago. After holding out on enacting the legislation for years, the city’s Department of Transportation just recently announced plans to begin the program later this year, following a rash of deaths at the hands of repeatedly reckless drivers. 

The intersection of Ocean and Church avenues is among the more dangerous intersections throughout Flatbush, with 13 crashes recorded there between 2016 and 2021. Those incidents resulted in eight pedestrian injuries and five motorist injuries, according to the open-source data site Crashmapper