Cops: We have Williamsburg rapist

Cops: We have Williamsburg rapist
Photo by Matthew Nedbalsky

Cops say they have nabbed the villain who sexually assaulted two women in Williamsburg and has been preying on the fairer sex for years.

Rayquan Williams, 21, a resident of the Bushwick Houses, was charged on Friday with attacking a 63-year-old woman inside a Manhattan Avenue apartment building on Jan. 1.

He allegedly struck again on Jan. 12 — this time jumping a 49-year-old woman inside a Flushing Avenue apartment building near his home.

In the first attack, cops say Williams confronted his victim in an elevator of the building between Seigel and Moore streets, and pretended to have a gun. He then sexually assaulted her in a building hallway, police allege.

In the second attack, the woman broke free and began hammering on apartment doors, scaring off the predator.

“[Williams] said something like, ‘I have a weapon,’ but I didn’t care. I just kept screaming even louder,” the woman told New York 1 as she described the encounter. “I kept knocking on doors. Finally someone came out and he ran down the stairway.”

Police nabbed Williams after releasing surveillance footage from that attack. A tipster led investigators to him, a police source said.

District Attorney Charles Hynes’s office explained that hurting women is nothing new to Williams, who has been arrested four times since 2006.

In what can be seen as a preview of his recent crimes, Williams was arrested in August, 2007, for attacking a former girlfriend when she refused to have sex with him.

According to the criminal complaint, Williams entered the young woman’s apartment on Humbolt Street and demanded sex. When she said, “No one would have sex with you,” he slapped her, claimed to have a gun and said he would “take sex” from her.

Williams was arrested before he could make good on his threats and was sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to a lesser charge, explained prosecutors, who said the suspect exhibited violence toward women again in July, 2009, when he was arrested for attacking his 60-year-old grandmother.

Attempts to reach Williams’s attorney were unsuccessful.