Crook swipes woman’s wallet in Avenue U clothing store

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Credit card criminal

A filcher took a woman’s bag containing her debit card and clothing while she was shopping at an Avenue U clothing store on Feb. 28.

The woman told police she left her bag unattended while trying on clothes at the store between Flatbush Avenue and E. 52nd Street at around 9:30 pm. Following the theft, the victim noticed her card was used in a transaction, cops said.

The store did not have access to security camera footage of the area at the time of the incident, police reported.

Highway robbery

Someone swiped a ride-share driver’s wallet containing several personal items on Ralph Avenue on March 1.

The woman had last seen the wallet on the passenger seat of the car around 2 am, when she left the vehicle to assist another passenger, police reported. The wallet contained a driver’s licence, a passport, and two credit cards, neither of which had been used at the time of the report, cops said.

Bicycle thief

A man showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s Flatbush Avenue office and stole her cash and debit card on March 1.

The man entered the victim’s place of employment between Avenues U and T, in violation of an order of protection, and asked her for money to buy a bicycle, which the woman refused to give, according to police.

The perp then grabbed her bag without consent and took approximately $220, along with the debit card, which the victim promptly cancelled, cops said.

Purse snatcher

A thief stole cash and gift cards from a woman’s purse after she temporarily lost the bag in an Avenue U shopping mall on Feb. 28.

The woman accidently dropped the purse from her child’s stroller in the shopping center near Flatbush Avenue around 11:15 am, finding it 15 minutes later hanging from a clothing rack with the valuables missing, according to cops.

Store security cameras did not get a clear look at the looter, cops said.

Not so secret

Police arrested a man who they say stole several delicate items from an Avenue U lingerie store on Feb. 26.

The shoplifter placed the items, totaling $1,178, discreetly in a bag, and exited the store near Flatbush Avenue without paying around 4 pm, according to the report. Police arrived at the scene 30 minutes later and arrested the 58-year-old man in connection with the crime, authorities stated.

eBay bandit

A thief used a stolen credit card to make an online purchase after a woman had lost the card at an Avenue N supermarket on Feb. 26.

The victim told cops she realized her wallet containing her card was missing when she returned to her home between 51st and 52nd streets from the grocery store. She checked her bank statement and found a thief had used the stolen card to make a $306.36 purchase online, according to cops.


Police arrested a 60-year-old man who they say shoplifted clothing and perfume from an Avenue U department store on Feb 26.

The suspect left the store between Flatbush Avenue and E. 52st Street around 11 am without paying for $1,604.99 worth of items, including a coat, a hat, and several bottles of men’s fragrance. Security camera footage at the store captured the act, cops said.

Police arrived on the scene and arrested the man a half hour later.

— Aidan Graham