Cupid is a car thief

Cupid crook

A thief ransacked a woman’s car parked near the corner of Grand and Lexington avenues this past Valentine’s Day — swiping a revealing list of clothes and accessories that included $600 in lingerie, a pair of pink stilettos and two coats.

Someone forced open the car after it was parked at 10 pm, the victim told police, adding that the thief was quite thorough in his search: He found the lingerie after rifling through a suitcase inside the trunk.

Playing around

Three teens were arrested on Feb. 15 after they tried to hold up an 18-year-old on Fort Greene Place with a toy gun.

The victim was on his way to the DeKalb Avenue station at 2:30 pm when the thieves flashed their realistic looking prop and demanded his phone.

iPhone bust

Two thieves were arrested on Feb. 17 after they grabbed an iPhone from a 32-year-old woman inside the Clinton-Washington train station.

The victim was standing on the Manhattan-bound C train platform, tinkering on her phone when the thieves plucked it out of her hands and ran up to street level only to be apprehended a few blocks away.

Scared off

A hooligan jumped a 25-year-old woman on Cumberland Street on Feb. 18, but ran off with his tail between his legs when his victim began screaming for help.

The victim was walking between Lafayette and Greene avenues at 11:10 pm when the goon grabbed her from behind, but let go when his victim spoke up.

Chin music

Two thugs brutalized a 23-year-old man on S. Oxford Street on Feb. 19 — leaving their victim with a deep cut to his chin.

The victim told police that he was nearing his home between Lafayette Avenue and Fulton Street at 12:15 am when the suspects attacked him for no apparent reason.