Curds and wha?

“Did these three places even know about each other? I think it’s going to be tough sledding for all three. It’s not like this is Lexington Avenue.”
George Gannon, Brooklyn Heights
The Brooklyn Paper / Jessica Firger

Court Street is officially the most cultured block in the borough. Three frozen yogurt shops — all offering the same sweet-tart treat — are opening within a span of three blocks between State and Remsen Streets. Does Downtown really need so much frozen yogurt — or will the battle to win over dessert-loving pedestrians end up as so much curdled milk? We hit the street to find out.

“This isn’t California. What are they going to do in the winter? This is still Brooklyn-Brooklyn, not DUMBO, or way down in Brooklyn Heights. But actually, this stuff is pretty good. It tastes fresh.”
Amatus Kerim, Bushwick
The Brooklyn Paper / Jessica Firger

“People are trying to lose weight so they go for frozen yogurt. They eat it instead of a meal. I’ll have a yogurt at lunchtime if I have a big breakfast. It’s very low fat.”
Father Pinto, Park Slope
The Brooklyn Paper / Jessica Firger

“It’s a disease! I think the stuff is really expensive so I just go in and get the free samples. I guess a lot of people in the neighborhood can afford to pay the high prices.”
Tia Adler, Cobble Hill

“Excuse my language, but are you s—ing me? I was [Yogo Monster’s] first customer when they opened on Friday. I’m a big Pinkberry fan. I had been trying to open a franchise over here.”
Meredith Franck, Brooklyn Heights

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