Vox pop: Brooklynites on Trump’s win

Mark Pollard, Bedford-Stuyvesant

"I listened to his acceptance speech last night, and he said he will work to heal the divide in the country. I just really hope he keeps to his word because there sure is a lot of divide in this country right now. That’s what I’m looking forward to."

Sarah Dougan

What will the future look like under a President Trump? Brooklynites weigh in!

Miles Cook, Williamsburg

“I think immigration is going to be a really big deal in the next four years.”

Sarah Dougan

Justin Williams, Downtown

“It’s going to f—— suck having him in charge of the nuclear codes. He can’t take the pressure so he shouldn’t be in charge of those. Also, he came from business, he doesn’t have any experience in politics. I don’t think those skills will transfer well.”

Sarah Dougan

Kiana Alicea, Downtown

“I just think it’s going to bring a lot more racism to the culture and I’m not looking forward to that.”

Sarah Dougan

Ciprian Anton, Downtown

“I’m looking forward to seeing more things that say 'made in the U.S.A.' I think that is a good thing he will do, because right now nothing is made here.”

Sarah Dougan

Justice Lopez, Bedford-Stuyvesant

“I’m really dreading him increasing taxes for the lower classes if he does do that. One good thing I can look forward to that I hope he does is help the homeless in the area, especially around here.”

Sarah Dougan

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