Cyclist attacked on Flushing Avenue!

90th Precinct


Bike smash

Two perps pushed a cyclist off her bike and smashed her head on a wall to steal her wallet while she was waiting for a light on Flushing Avenue on Sept. 4.

The cyclist was near Classon Avenue at 1:40 am when the perps approached her and pushed her off her bike. They struck her head on a nearby wall and one demanded, “Give me your bag!”

She gave up her wallet, and they ran away.

Doctored Scholes

A perp who briefly posed as a Good Samaratan by helping a man who had fallen off a skateboard on Scholes Street on Aug. 31 turned rogue and stole the clumsy boarder’s wallet.

The skater was near Waterbury Street at 1:30 am when he fell on the ground. The perp helped him up, then said, “Let me check your pockets.”

Then he pulled out a knife, and the victim handed over $30.


A thief bit a woman’s hand and stole her iPhone on Lorimer Street on Aug. 30.

The victim was near Scholes Street at 10:50 am when the perp approached and bit the woman’s hand.

She dropped her phone, and the perp snatched it and ran away.

Aqua bath

A fight broke out near a Broadway club on Sept. 3, injuring two people before cops arrested one of the alleged ringleaders.

Two men were standing outside the Aqua Lounge on Hooper Street at 4:08 am, when the perp and 14 other thugs approached the men and started kicking and punching them.

One victim suffered severe bleeding while the other had severe bruising to the face.

Police arrested the man who they believe started the fight.

Amped up

A thief stole two sets of speakers and an amplifier from a Maujer Street church overnight on Aug. 29.

The church proprietor locked up the building at 11 pm and returned at 8 pm the next day to find that the the equipment was missing.

No respect

A thief cleaned out a Rodney Street apartment, stealing $4,500 worth of electronics on Aug. 30.

The tenant left his apartment, which is near S. Fourth Street, at 3:50 pm and returned two hours later to find his front door unlocked and his laptop, iPhone, iPod, and three cameras missing.


A thief stole a guitar and laptop from a Marcy Avenue apartment while its tenant was on vacation.

The resident left his building near Grand Street on Aug. 24, but when he returned five days later, his stuff was missing.

Not grand

A thief stole a Chevy parked on Grand Street on Aug. 27.

The driver parked near Kent Avenue at 12:15 am and returned nine hours later to find it gone.

McKibbin break-in

A perp stole a backpack and a purse from a Nissan parked on McKibbin Street on Aug. 30 — but a suspect was soon caught.

The thief broke into the car at 5:05 am and stole a backpack from the rear seat, a witness told cops, who stopped their suspect a block away on White Street and recovered the property.

Out of Dodge

A thief stole $5,000 and a laptop from a Dodge parked on S. Fifth Street overnight on Sept. 1.

The driver parked near Keap Street at 7 pm, but when he returned at 1:30 the next morning, he saw his car was broken into and his property was missing.

Devoe-ted driver

A thief stole a BMW motorcycle on Devoe Street during the night of Sept. 3.

The driver parked near Union Avenue at 5:30 pm, but when he returned at 3 am, the bike was gone.

— Aaron Short