Dance Party USA at Shell Bank

Budding boogie-meisters received an A-plus for transforming the auditorium into a rollicking show hall with their fancy footwork during a dance festival hosted by Shell Bank Junior High School for Special Ed youngsters from public schools across the borough.

The bright-eyed bunch — all of whom suffer from physical and mental disabilities — put their best foot forward on April 15 for a delightful, toe-tapping medley of popular and classical routines as part of the annual showcase, which one of the organizers likened to the paralympics of local dancing.

Billed “Dancing through the Decades,” the extravaganza featured a sweet range of crowd-pleasers, wtih tunes such as the late King of Pop’s “Thriller,’ the theme song from “Ghostbusters” and Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.”

In between each performance, “The Fly Girls” — a group of Shell Bank eighth-graders — filled in the intermission by kicking off some high-flying numbers of their own.

“This show is probably the highlight of the year because of the joy it brings to the kids who work so hard at doing the things that they do,” said Shell Bank organizer Teri Ahearn, adding that the show starred children from schools in Districts 13, 15, 17 and 22, which include Sheesphead Bay, Marine Park, Canarsie, Flatbush and East New York.

Shell Bank is located on Batchelder Street, between avenues X and Y.