Dastardly duo threaten man for his phone and wallet

94th Precinct


Park pouncing

A bandit duo robbed a guy as he strolled through McGolrick Park on the morning of Feb. 3.

The victim told cops he was near Driggs Avenue and Moniter Street at 10:30 am when the pair of pirates approached. One of the cretins said “Put your phone and wallet inside my pocket” and “You don’t want to get shot over this,” and the victim forked over his wallet, though the miscreants never displayed a gun, authorities said.

The thieves then fled into the park, according to a police report.

Grand theft

A lozenge-loving looter robbed a McGuinness Boulevard convenience store and made off with a grand in cash on Feb 3.

The rustler purchased a pack of cough drops at the shop near Huron Street at 7:25 pm, then pulled a gun and ordered the clerk to open the register, police said. The clerk forked over $1,000, then the crook ran on foot down McGuinness Boulevard towards India Street, according to a police report.

Jean meanie

A couple of crooks stole a pile of jeans from a N. Third Street shop on Feb. 7.

A store employee told cops the pair entered the store near Wythe Avenue at around 4:40 pm, and one of the two immediately went to the back and started picking up pants.

The clerk asked the thief if she needed any help, when suddenly the lady’s friend grabbed 14 pairs of jeans and hoofed it out of the store, fleeing to Berry Street, then in the direction of N. Fourth Street, cops said.

— Allegra Hobbs