Developers unveil ‘fully electric’ tower at 80 Flatbush development

100 Flatbush
100 Flatbush will be the city’s first fully-electric residential tower.
Courtesy of Alloy Development

This development’s all out of gas!

A Dumbo-based development firm unveiled designs for an all-electric high-rise to be included in Boerum Hill’s 80 Flatbush mega-project, bringing good clean living and hundreds of luxury apartments to the borough, according to one builder. 

“As developers, we should be doing everything we can to plan for the future,” said Jared Della Valle, chief executive officer at Alloy Development. “In the same way that we aren’t running copper phone lines to each apartment anymore, we don’t think running gas lines makes sense either.”

The building at the corner of State Street — dubbed 100 Flatbush — will be just a few feet shy of the nearby Williamsburg Savings Bank tower in height, and is the shorter of two planned towers included in the overall five-building 80 Flatbush development, which also encompasses a new taller tower and three existing buildings due for substantial renovations.

The upcoming tower will house 256 apartments featuring all electric systems and appliances, such as kitchen equipment, water heaters, and climate control, according to the developer.

Tenants will share the building with businesses occupying 100,000 square feet of office space and 30,000 square feet of retail space. All work is expected to begin this spring.

Instead of gas, 100 Flatbush will use electricity to power utilities like hot water heating, HVAC, and kitchen equipment.Courtesy of Alloy Development

Alloy will also begin construction this spring of two new public schools located on State Street, including a 350-seat elementary school and the new Khalil Gibran International Academy high school, of which the latter is located in a crumbling building on the 80 Flatbush Ave. lot.

The schools are designed by Manhattan-based firm Architecture Research Office to conform to the Passive House standard, which requires buildings to be constructed to maintain comfortable temperatures year round while using the least amount of energy possible.

This includes a highly-insulated exterior, triple-pane windows, daylight exposure for all classrooms and energy efficient air-conditioners, according to the developer.

The two schools will be designed to a Passive House standards, which requires buildings use as little energy for heating and lighting as possible.Courtesy of Alloy Development

Construction on the schools is slated to wrap in 2023, according to Alloy.

This marks the first of two phases for the massive five-building project, which the city approved during a controversial land-use review last year.

The full 80 Flatbush project is due to be completed by 2026 and will also include a 69-story, 840-foot tall residential tower, a total of nearly 900 units of housing, some 200 of which will be below-market-rate, along with 200,000 square feet of office space and 40,000 square feet of retail.