Dirtbag stabs victim at Downtown deli


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Bodega slasher

Some dirtbag stabbed a guy at a Schermerhorn Street deli on June 30.

The victim told police that the knife-wielding knave told him “Don’t stare at me again,” at the store between Hoyt and Bond streets at 11:30 pm, before piercing him in the head and shoulder several times.

Paramedics brought the victim to Methodist Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening wounds, according to police reports.

Mom marauder

A woman hit her mom and stormed off on Jay Street on June 29.

The victim told police that they were arguing in the car when the bruiser smacked her in the head with her phone between Willoughby and Johnson streets around 5:45 pm, before the  scoundrel got out of the car and damaged a door handle and windshield wiper.

Citibike swipe

A bandit ambushed a biker on Nassau Street on July 2.

The victim told cops that the attacker smacked him off his Citibike at Flushing Avenue at 7 pm, before hopping on and speeding off along Navy Street.

Smokes and knives

A blade-carrying huckster stole tobacco products from a Clinton Street smoke shop on July 4.

A store employee told cops that the thief nabbed smoking goods and left the store at Atlantic Avenue at 9:50 am, before threatening an employee with a knife and fleeing toward Henry Street.

Craigslist scammer

Some con artist scammed a Clark Street woman out of $4,000 with a fake Craigslist apartment ad between June 21 and 29.

The victim told cops that she signed a rental agreement with the shyster for the apartment near Henry Street, before wiring him $4,000 — and later discovered he wasn’t connected to the apartment.

Fast fleece

Two looters raided a Court Street fast food joint on the night of July 2.

The store’s operators told police that the marauders used a rock to smash the front door of the eatery between State and Schermerhorn streets at 12:45 am, before snatching the cash registers containing $600.

Police later found the emptied registers at the corner of State Street.