Dognapped! Thief makes off with friendly pooch in Bushwick

American bully Havoc was nabbed off the streets of Bushwick on Nov. 7.
Nicole Polsinelli

Some lowlife stole a dog from outside a Bushwick McDonald’s on Thursday.

Owner Harrys Leroy tied up his two dogs outside the fast-food joint on Broadway near Gates Avenue at around 10 pm on Nov. 7, only to return a few minutes later to find one of the pooches, an American bully named Havoc, had been snatched, according to girlfriend Nicole Polsinelli.

The remaining mutt, a pitbull mix named Rogue, remained outside the McDonald’s, but she’d also been untied and the owners suspect it was the canine’s guard-dog sensibilities that saved her from being dognapped along with her brother, according to Polsinelli.

“I’m assuming Rogue probably snapped at him,” she said. “She’s protective.

Havoc (right) with his sister Rogue.

Polsinelli claims a manager at the eatery offered to provide police a copy of their surveillance feed, but said she’s already frustrated with detectives at the 81st Precinct, who told her they may have to wait days for  a subpoena to nab the footage.

“I told them my dogs missing, this is a life not a toy, and they’re not doing anything,” Polsinelli said.

A spokeswoman for the Police Department confirmed that the dognapping is currently being investigated as a petty larceny, but wouldn’t say whether detectives had attempted to procure the surveillance footage.

Meanwhile, the couple have canvased the area posting fliers and turning to social media looking for their hapless hound, who Polsinelli described as  short and stocky, and weighing 85 pounds. He’s mostly black with a white chest and snout, and very good boy.

“Havoc is super friendly,” said Polsinelli. “Please help us.”