E-bike entrepreneurs paving the way at the Navy Yard

Nicolaus and Casper Nagel, the duo behind Pave Motors e-bike company.
Nicolaus and Casper Nagel, the duo behind Pave Motors.
Photo by Caroline Ourso

Two German brothers are paving the way forward for electric vehicles in the Big Apple, as the duo behind e-bike maker Pave Motors are up-and-running at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 

Pave Motors co-founders Nicolaus and Casper Nagel have spent years developing their designs for a lightweight, eco-friendly motorbike, which culminated in the spectacular launch of their inaugural model on May 23 — the Pave BK.

Casper and Nicolaus’ partnership in forming Pave Motors was bolstered by their individual knowledge of industrial design and computer science, but it was their deeply rooted bonds of brotherhood that truly made them a natural partnership. 

“It definitely took some time to get used to working together. You interact differently with your siblings when you’re in a business setting, so that took some time to get used to for me,” said Nicolaus. “What we really had going for us, right from the beginning, was a clear split in terms of responsibilities.” 

Pave BK(u) e-bike.
The Pave BK(u).Photo by Caroline Ourso

They began with a concept: create a motorbike that would be good for the earth, easy to transport, and didn’t require a compression engine.

“We founded the company in 2019, with the intent of building a vehicle that sits in between bikes and motorbikes, taking the good aspects of an ebike – lightweight, easy to ride – so someone with no experience can just operate it and then combining that with the good aspects that you get when riding a motorcycle,” said Nicolaus.

The resulting Pave BK would achieve all of their goals, eliminating the need to go to the gas station or to make yearly trips for an oil change. The e-bike would also be virtually maintenance free and the ability to charge its battery up to 80 percent within an hour on a standard outlet.

“You’re much more likely, I think, to go out and explore places that you maybe haven’t been before just because there’s no effort at all,” said Nicolaus. 

The entrepreneurial brothers work in their shop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
The entrepreneurial brothers work in their shop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.Photo by Caroline Ourso

With two e-bike models, boasting top speeds of 30 and 40 mph, along with a 50-mile range, the two-wheelers are sure to turn heads with their sleek curves and futuristic design.

Still, the design maintains the functionality that can truly propel the street scrapers to be more than a toy, but rather replace other modes of transportation you’ve come to depend on.

“It gives you the ability to also transport things,” Nicolaus said. “So we have a huge storage area right in the middle of the bike. If you think about it, our bikes can replace the short to medium length car rides that you probably wouldn’t do with a normal bicycle.”

The Pave BK is priced at $6,900 and comes in the shade Flat White. It’s off-road adventure-seeking twin, the Pave BK(u), is made-to-order and is priced at $7,900.

For more information, visit their website at pavemotors.com.

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