Enough already! Another cyclist killed by driver

The driver of a flatbed truck callously struck and killed a 30-year-old cyclist on a narrow stretch of Morgan Avenue early Wednesday morning — the fourth fatality in Williamsburg in the past three months.

Both the truck and the cyclist were travelling southbound on Morgan Avenue just before midnight, when the truck swerved to take a right on Meserole Street, clipped the rider, and kept going.

Police responded to the scene at 12:01 am and identified a truck that matched the description of the one that struck the cyclist parked one block away at Scholes Street near Bogart Street.

The bike rider died from his injuries. Police have not released his identity, but said the investigation is ongoing and the driver is still at large.

Neighbors were saddened to hear about the accident.

“How awful,” said industrial business advocate Leah Archibald. “What a tragic loss. There’s no excuse for a hit and run.”

But these types of fatal traffic accidents are becoming commonplace in Williamsburg.

On Sept. 2, cyclist Nicholas Djandji was killed by a car passing through the intersection of Rodney Street and Borinquen Place.

One week earlier, a car ran over Erica Abbot who fell off her bicycle on Bushwick Avenue.

And in early August, a truck collided with a cyclist who was trying to turn onto Metropolitan Avenue from Gardner Avenue.

Morgan Avenue is one of Williamsburg’s busiest truck routes providing easy access to the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway to drivers from scores of industrial businesses including Boar’s Head, Wonton Foods, Frito Lay, and Meserole Lumber.

The road does not have a bike lane but is popular among cyclists riding between Greenpoint and East Williamsburg and visiting 3rd Ward, a multimedia arts and events space on Morgan Avenue that encourages safe cycling.

“Our hearts go out to this man’s friends and family,” said 3rd Ward’s Jessica Tom. “We did not hear about it until this morning.”