EXCLUSIVE: Watch the feds’ goose-control video now!

Now you, too, can get in the goose-management business, thanks to this new “How to” video from wildlife officials at the U.S. Department of Agriculture!

The video is a classic of the genre, instructing would-be animal control agents how to humanely prevent geese from running so roughshod that federal officials need to come in under cover of darkness and slaughter all the waterfowl — as they did last year in Prospect Park.

In this instructional video, you’ll learn:

• Where to find goose nests!

• How to cover goose eggs with corn oil to prevent their development!

• How to protect yourself from the inevitable goose attack when you do that!

• How most of our waterways are filled with garbage (jump to 4:38 in the video)!

Bottom line? It’s must-see TV for every lover of Canada geese (and for lovers of federal video-making techniques).