F’d in Park Slope is back to her annoying old tricks

Truly F’d in Park Slope! Someone took over popular website — and turned it into a porn site

Park Slope’s most-acerbic blog made a gloriously snarky return this week, days after it was hijacked and turned into a pornography site.

The founder of F—ked in Park Slope — the self-proclaimed “know-it-all, annoying blog about the insufferable people here” — bought back her domain name, which she temporarily lost after its lease expired last week and was snagged by a smut site.

Blogger Erica Reitman celebrated her return in the only way she knew how:

“FIPS IS BACK, MOTHERF—KERZ!” she wrote on the blog, a post that recounted the crazy days leading up to the porn debacle. “If you happened to reach this site because you were looking for Free Porn, Free Sex Stories or Gay Porn Videos, I’m sorry to say that this url has been re-re-directed back. … Sorry to disappoint!”

It was a happy (well, sort of) ending to a 36-hour saga into the intricacies of web addresses and domain leasing. Reitman lost her site to “domain squatters,” who troll the Internet for websites with interesting names (in other words, porn) that have just become available because the owners have been late to renew them.

When Reitman didn’t renew in time, her website was swiped — and her life finally lived up to the name of the blog.

“We’ve never been so F’d people,” Reitman wrote on her Twitter site, which she set up after her site went down.

F—ked in Park Slope may not be so f—ked anymore, but other domains haven’t been so lucky. Last year, developer Joe Sitt’s website, thefutureofconeyisland.com, was hijacked and redirected to the indispensible Belgium-based porn site, sexeporno1.com.

And the greatest example of cyber squatting was two years ago, when former President George W. Bush’s archives website, georgewbushlibrary.com, expired, and a group of domain squatters bought it for $10 — then sold it back to the Bushies for $35,000.