Fists over Broadway

Broadway assault

A dispute between two perps and their victim turned violent at Broadway on Nov 21, when one thug stabbed the other in the stomach.

The bad guys were standing outside a nightclub near Hewes Street at 4:20 am when they got into an argument with another man. Suddenly, one thug lunged and stabbed the man in his gut before the perps fled away.

Van break-in

A thief broke into a musician’s van on Metropolitan Avenue and stole his band’s stuff on Nov 20.

The driver told cops that he had parked near Kent Avenue at 7:15 pm to go into a nearby club. When he returned three hours later, he found that a drum machine, black leather boots, cufflinks, and prescription sunglasses were stolen.

Maujer macbook

Thief brokes into two apartments on Nov. 19, stealing computers.

• In the first case, a resident of a Meserole Street apartment left the building near Graham Avenue at 9:15 am and returned at 8:45 pm to find her Macbook missing.

• Also on that day, a thief busted into a Maujer Street apartment and stole a computer and watches. The tenant told cops that she left the building near Lorimer Street at 10:30 am and returned at 8 pm to find her rear balcony door unlocked and her stuff stolen.

Third ward

A perp broke into 3rd Ward’s loft building on Morgan Avenue on Nov. 20 and stole one of its tenant’s phone and Macbook.

The tenant left his studio near Stagg Street at 6:16 pm, but returned a mere 40 minutes later only to find his stuff gone.

Jeep jacked

A thief swiped a Jeep parked on Rodney Street on Nov. 20, but it was a pretty easy larceny since the driver left the ignition key inside the car.

The driver parked the car near S. Fifth Street at 12:30 am and returned at 4 am to find a pile of broken glass where the Jeep used to be.

Volvo stolen

A thief stole a Volvo parked on Rodney Street on Nov. 18 while its driver was at work.

The driver parked near S. Fifth Street at 8:25 am, but when he returned to his spot 12 hours later, the car wasn’t there.

Graham gone

A perp stole an Acura on Graham Avenue near Powers Street overnight on Nov. 16. The driver parked it at 6 pm, but the car was gone by 9:30 am.

Fourth burglary

A thief broke into a S. Fourth Street apartment on Nov. 18 and stole an entertainment system.

The tenant told cops that he left the building near Rodney Street at 4 pm and returned at 11:30 pm to find his television, computer, camera, and game console gone.