Five people wounded

Five wounded

A crew of thugs sparked a bloody early morning brawl on Underhill Avenue on Feb. 6 — a fight that landed five men in the hospital.

Witnesses said an argument broke out between two groups inside Club Status on Atlantic Avenue between Underhill and Vanderbilt avenues at 4:25 am.

The fight spilled outside and quickly turned bloody when one of the combatants pulled a knife and jammed it into his 28-year-old opponent’s groin. Another man, 20, was stabbed in the chest and arm.

The remaining victims included a 28-year-old who suffered a broken jaw and a fourth man who was struck in the head with a hammer. The fifth victim was clobbered with a parking cone — then hit by a passing car when he fell into the street, stunned witnesses told police.

Wallet whisk

A crook snagged a wallet from a straphanger inside the Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum station on Feb. 2, but gave up his prize when his victim began chasing him.

The 32-year-old woman was standing by a MetroCard vending machine at 11:40 am when the thief ripped the wallet from her hands.

He ran off, but quickly tossed the wallet away when he realized his victim was at his heels.

Car loot

A crook swiped a wallet from a 2000 Chrysler on Feb. 4 as its owner dropped off packages at a Flatbush Avenue bar.

The owner of the car left the door unlocked as she unloaded it between Park and Sterling places at 3:43 pm — not knowing that a stranger was lightening her pocketbook.

Bathroom bilk

When it comes to iPhones, you can, and should, take them with you — even to the bathroom.

A thief managed to palm a pricey smart phone from a restaurant table near the corner of Park Place and Flatbush Avenue on Feb. 2 as its owner went to wash up.

The victim left both her briefcase and cellphone on the table before going on her 6 pm bathroom break, but the thief found the iPhone more desirable — and easier to grab.

Bergen’s 11

Eleven people were arrested on Feb. 4 when an NYPD search warrant at a Bergen Street address turned up a cache of guns and marijuana.

Police entered the apartment between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues at 4 am, finding the drugs, packaging and distribution materials and two firearms. The 11 people found inside the apartment, the oldest 62, the youngest 21, were all charged with drugs and weapons possession.