Flatbush staple Lark Café to open second location in Prospect Park

lark cafe at parade ground at prospect park
Lark Café is opening a second location at the Prospect Park parade ground.
Photo courtesy of Martin Seck/Prospect Park Alliance

Lattes and bagels from a good sport!

Foamy cups of coffee and smoothies decorated with slices of fresh fruit have made Lark Café a neighborhood favorite in Flatbush. So much so that when Prospect Park Alliance, the non-profit that sustains Brooklyn’s second-largest park, was looking for a local business that could expand to a second location in Brooklyn’s Backyard, one of Lark’s regulars took it immediately to the café’s owners, Eugene Perekrostov and Ellina Martsynenko.

Lark’s second location is set to open at the Parade Ground’s snack bar on July 28. The 40-acre green space with baseball, soccer, softball & football fields already has an all-set snack bar with a kitchen.

outside of Lark Café in Flatbush
The café’s original location in Flatbush has been a smash hit in the nabe. Photo courtesy of Lark Café.

“The Parade Ground is one of the most widely used sports and recreation fields in Brooklyn, and we look forward to Lark by the Park serving the many families and park-goers who make this area such a beloved and bustling space for our community,” said Morgan Monaco, Prospect Park Alliance President in a statement.

Lark’s menu is full of foods made with local produce, a principle that is important for the owners.

“The way we see it is, by extending our business with local businesses, we are keeping money in the community, in Brooklyn,” said Perekrostov, who has lived in Ditmas Park for many years. “Almost everyone in the neighborhood is a regular. Our café is a place where it’s easy to meet up and have a chat, discuss a project: it’s a community hub. We just want to be an extension of your home.”

At their primary location on Church Avenue, the ice cream comes from Jane’s Ice Cream and is made with dairy from farms upstate. Their bagels are from Terrace Bagels in Winsor Terrace, they have lox from a few blocks over at Acme Smoked Fish and their coffee is roasted in Brooklyn by Stumptown.

lark cafe pizza and burgers
The new café menu will feature burgers from Pat LaFrieda’s and pizza from Table 87. Photo courtesy of the Prospect Park Alliance

The perks of the new spot will allow Lark to incorporate new items into its menu. Smash burgers, from Pat LaFrieda’s, breakfast sandwiches, pizza from Third Avenue’s Table 87, and hot dogs and milkshakes made right on the spot will also be available for delivery in addition to their already popular smoothies and iced matcha.

“I love to make coffee,” said Perekrostov, who has experience as a barista.

He has been part of many forms of the hospitality industry for the last 15 years, from nightclubs to restaurants, and is a partner of Greenpoint’s Good Bar.

drinks from lark café
Fresh food and cold drinks are on their way to the Parade Ground courtesy of Lark Café.Photo courtesy of the Prospect park Alliance

“I feel like the morning scene fits best to my lifestyle,” he said. “It allows me to spend time with my family.”

The snack bar is planned as a seasonal treat that will open throughout the summer and fall months, but according to Perekrostov, the Prospect Park Alliance and his team are open to revisiting the idea of extending the schedule in the future. He will be at the new location once it opens.

“Oh man, it’s gonna be fun,” he said. “It’s gonna be very cool to hang out with all the sports families through the games.”