Geezer squeezer!

Gran scam

A con man convinced yet another elderly Greenpointer that he was her grandson and needed $12,500 for a new car on Nov. 12.

For the third time in as many weeks, the chump was successful with his trick: he called up a 73-year-old woman, who lives on Jewel Street near Nassau Avenue, acting as her grandson at about 12:30 pm. Somehow, the scammer convinced her to meet him and hand over the cash, in person, so he could “buy a car” — putting this thief’s total winnings at $27,500 over three separate incidents.


A thief broke into a Leonard Street apartment and stole everything of value while the victim was at work on Nov. 10.

The victim told cops that he was at work when his apartment, which is between Meserole and Norman avenues, was burgled sometime between 10:30 am and 6 pm. When he went home, the tenant realized that his door was busted open and his iPod, camera, laptop and TV were gone.

Rim job

Some jerk stole the tires and expensive rims off a car that was parked on Java Street on Nov. 10.

The victim came back to the car, which was near McGuinness Boulevard, at about 10 pm to find the vehicle on blocks. He told cops that he had some very pricey spinning rims on the car.

Camera thief

A quick-handed thug stole a camera bag off a motorcycle while its owner was inside a Conselyea Street bodega on Nov. 11.

The photographer said that he went into the shop, which is near Union Avenue, at about 9 pm for a couple minutes. When he came out, the bag — containing expensive Canon equipment — was gone.

Car thefts

At least two cars were stolen last week, including an ancient Honda Civic, the thieves’ choice:

• A jerk stole a 1998 Civic from McGuinness Boulevard near Clay Street on Nov. 11. The victim went to his car at about 9:30 pm and found an empty space where the Honda used to be.

• A thief took a 2009 Lexus from Russell Street near Driggs Avenue on Nov. 14. The victim said he noticed the car missing at about midnight.

— Andy Campbell