Get your geek on at Union Hall

Get your geek on at Union Hall
Courtesy of Hallie Haglund

This one’s for the true believers.

Drooling over obscure celebrities, rocking out for hours to the same songs by the same artists, playing video games to the point of carpal tunnel: if you’re suffering from these symptoms of radical obsessiveness, then a new show coming to Park Slope’s Union Hall on June 5 — and featuring “Daily Show” writer Hallie Haglund — is for you.

“We’ve all got things that we totally nerd out over, and we love to share our unchallengeable knowledge about these things, so why not do it on a stage in front of a full audience?” said Kerri Doherty, the mastermind behind “Geeking Out,” a comedy extravaganza dedicated to “superfans.”

Doherty said she thought a show dedicated to the obsessions that fill us with both pride and shame would have huge appeal. So she approached Haglund, who’d performed with her before in a science-themed storytelling event, and asked her to become part of her envisioned dork-fest.

Haglund is a self-professed Colorado geology geek, as well as a Conan O’Brien geek, so she jumped at the chance.

“When I latch on to certain things, I can’t seem to do them just a little,” said Haglund, who brought a suitcase of rocks back from a recent trip to her home state of Colorado.

Haglund said her obsessive interests have given her trouble with some audiences in the past.

“I used to tell this joke that was contingent on people knowing most of the lyrics to Tori Amos’ ‘Little Earthquakes’ album,” Haglund said. “It always sort of bombed, and it also made me feel old and out of touch so I stopped doing it. Though if Tori Amos is reading this, you are definitely not old and out of touch. You are wonderful and timeless and a goddess.”

And she should probably attend “Geeking Out” — they’ll freak.

“Geeking Out” at Union Hall. [702 Union Street, at the corner of Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. (718) 638–4400. www.ticketweb.com]. June 5 at 8 pm. $8 for advanced tickets, $10 day-of-show.

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