Gotta Go: East New York landlord sues poop-tossing tenant for damages

671 bradford
671 Bradford St. in East New York.
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An East New York landlord says the tenant at his Bradford Street building has got to go after numerous incidents of disposing of human waste in locales other than the toilet.

Joseph Francois, the owner of 671 Bradford St., a three-unit home between New Lots and Hegeman avenues, is suing his tenant Nayda Jack in Brooklyn Supreme Court, claiming that she has overstayed her lease for nearly two years after being evicted and, in the interim, has turned the place into a grotesque circus where she and two other anonymous squatters regularly throw their urine out the window and dispose of their poop in the trash can.

Jack initially moved into the East New York abode in 2018, signing a lease with Jack valued at $640 per month. But her repulsive habits, and her monthly nonpayment of rent, made her continued tenancy inhospitable, Francois claims, and he sought to evict her in Sept. 2020, citing her presence as a “nuisance,” “emergency situation,” and in flagrant breach of the lease agreement.

Nonetheless, Jack remained in the apartment, and in concert with two anonymous friends whose names weren’t on the lease, her bizarre behavior continued. Between 2018 and 2022, on no fewer than six occasions, Francois alleges Jack disposed of urine out of her window, and tossed fecal matter in the garbage can. He also says she twice disposed of urine in the trash.

Francois further alleges that Jack flooded the kitchen sink and bathroom on several occasions, often not reporting the mess, and that she and her friends would make loud noises into the night and frequently smoke K2, a type of synthetic marijuana. She would also steal other people’s packages and food, says Francois.

The landlord is seeking Jack’s immediate eviction from the premises and an injunction requiring her to pay Francois 39 months of back rent, going back to Dec. 2018, equaling $24,960 plus interest.

Records from the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development indicate the building at 671 Bradford has two open violations dating to February of this year, one for bedbugs and one for failing to properly register the building.

Jack could not be reached for comment.