Grateful locals leave kind messages outside Borough Park hospital

maimonides chalk
This anonymous message, along with others, was found outside Maimonides Medical Center.
Lorraine Carita

A group of Brooklynites left kind messages outside Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park last week, thanking the hospital staff for their work during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Thank you for showing up,” read one of the chalk messages, accompanied with a heart. 

Hospital employees arrived for work on March 26 to discover the grateful messages, which were written in chalk along the pavement outside the hospital’s entrance on 10th Avenue near 48th Street, according to spokeswoman Eileen Tynion.

Inspired by the act of kindness, staffers from the pediatrics unit went down the block to the hospital’s emergency room, and wrote uplifting messages outside that read, “We’re all in this together,” “You are brave, you are strong,” and “Maimo strong.”  

maimonides messages
Workers wrote uplifting notes in chalk outside the emergency room.Lorraine Carita

Workers at Maimonides also took the time to thank each other for their hard work and boost their spirits during the pandemic — which has pushed the limits of local hospitals and threatened the lives of its workers. 

“I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and continue to do for the patients in the hospital,” said Libby, an employee who didn’t give her last name. “I consider each and every one of you a hero.” 

chalk maimonides
Staffers from the pediatrics unit wrote unifying messages on March 26.Lorraine Carita
chalk maimonides
Employees at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn found kind messages outside their hospital, inspiring employees to write kind words of their own.Lorraine Carita