Storied Dumbo pizza shop offers delivery for the first time

Grimaldi’s will serve its final pie — then move next door
Now you’ll be able to line up for takeout — with proper spacing of course.
File photo by Sarah Portlock

It’s a slice of history!

Grimaldi’s, the famed pizza joint beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, announced on March 20 that it would offer takeout delivery for the first time in the shop’s storied history, which comes amid restrictions on eat-in restaurants due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The shop has long banned takeout from its Dumbo location, where pizza maestros work tirelessly to perfect Grimaldi’s charred thin-crust pies in brick ovens — which pie-pursuits argue makes the pizza unfriendly to travel and extended time out of the oven.

Grimaldi’s, which was opened by Patsy Grimaldi in 1990 in the waterfront neighborhood and sold to restaurateur Frank Ciolli, now has several locations nationwide — but it remains a mainstay on the hotly-debated list of the best slices in Brooklyn.

And now for the first time you can taste the delicious dough without leaving the comfort of your couch, as the renowned pizzeria is offering delivery through third-party apps like Seamless and Grubhub, and waiving its restrictive cash-only policy for the time being.