Here are your uniform choices

Dem bums! Los Angeles Dodgers exploit Brooklyn roots — again!

The L.A. Dodgers want fans to vote for their favorite Brooklyn uniform. Here’s a look at the contenders:

1913 road uniform
The Brooklyn Robins wore this jaunty uniform, which features a block capital “B” on the front, adorned with robin’s egg blue trim with accents of red. The squad’s name was changed to the Robins in 1914 to honor new manager Wilbert Robinson, who led the team to a World Series in 1916, where they faltered in Game 2 against a 21-year-old pitcher named Babe Ruth, and eventually lost the Series, 4-1. Their next and last World Series was in 1920, when they lost to Cleveland in seven games.

1940s road uniform
This outfit employed a satiny finish to better showcase the team under then emerging phenomenon of night baseball. In 1941, first baseman and league MVP Dolf Camilli led the team to its first National League pennant in 21 years, and a World Series battle against the Yankees, the first of seven Subway Series. The Dodgers lost that Series, 4-1, but what else is new?