Heroine chic! Gowanus gallery hosts feminist sci-fi art show

Heroine chic! Gowanus gallery hosts feminist sci-fi art show
Photo by Cate Dingley

Call them wonder women.

A group of feminist artists will exhibit their sci-fi visions of the future at the Gowanus Print Lab from Feb. 18–April 4.

“She Blinded Me with Science” will feature representations of a number of female superheroes who are doing their part to make the future better for humankind. And the show’s curator said these fictional characters could have am impact on the future of the real world.

“It is important to show that women have a presence in science fiction because it is something that is generally assumed is not the case,” said artist and show curator K.J. Martinet. “Science fiction is a way that the future might possibly be, and we want to show it in a female-positive way.”

The exhibition will feature plenty of familiar faces, including representations of Barbarella, Captain Janeway from “Star Trek: Voyager,” and Sarah Connor of “Terminator” fame. Brooklyn artist Zach Hazard Vaupen has also recreated the futuristic female robot from his webcomic series “Pearlescent Gray.” And Martinet and a friend are also working on a video game for the exhibition.

“It is just a silly sideshooter game about cyborg women with jetpacks fighting aliens,” said Martinet. “People will be able to play it during the show.”

“She Blinded Me with Science” at Gowanus Print Lab [54 Second Ave. at Seventh Street in Gowanus (718) 788–3930, www.gowan‌uspri‌ntlab.com]. Opening reception Feb. 18 at 7 pm. Free. Show runs through April 4.

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