Holiday greetings to Marine Park’s fallen son

Merry Christmas, Carl.

Marine Park remembered 22-year-old Carl Fuschetto last week as friends and family members decorated the corner where he died in an vehicular accident last summer for the holidays.

Residents walking by E. 38th Street and Quentin Road were greeted by a one-way sign festooned in green — Fuschetto’s favorite color. At the base of the sign was a small Christmas tree and a poinsettia plant.

The holiday display was much more subdued than other memorials for Fuschetto, which have popped up intermittently since he and 21-year-old Pamela Cohen were killed in a motorcycle accident on June 25.

Days after Fuschetto’s death, a modest tribute exploded outward with graffiti-strewn missives found on the sign, sidewalk and crosswalks, drawing the community’s ire.

Fuschetto’s mother Pamela made sure that the holiday display was more discreet from past memorials, and explained that friends and family members will no longer be going to Quentin Road to remember her son.

On Dec. 26, a tree of life and a memorial bench dedicated to Fuschetto will be unveiled inside Marine Park near the basketball courts he loved to play in.

The unveiling will coincide with Fuschetto’s birthday, his mother said.