Hooper Street school suffers huge laptop theft

90th Precinct


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A thief stole laptops worth $111,000 from a school on Hooper Street between Aug. 15 and Aug. 19, according to officers.

Police say several people had keys to the school between Marcy and Harrison avenues. The crook made off with 74 laptops in all and there was no sign of forced entry, cops said.

No church in the wild

A ruthless robber broke into an apartment on Havemeyer Street on Aug. 17 and stole two roommates’ valuables while they were at church, police recounted.

When the roommates got home to their apartment between Borinquen Place and Third Street at11:30 pm, they discovered the cold-hearted crook had absconded with a $4,000 engagement ring, a two MacBooks, and two Mac chargers.

Bar none

A night owl stole a woman’s wallet out of her purse in a crowded bar on Hooper Street on Aug. 17, according to the NYPD.

The 29-year-old victim said she had her purse on her shoulder the whole night but when she went to close her tab at 4:15 am, she realized her Louis Vuitton wallet was stolen along with $650.

Rough road for senior

A senior citizen suffered injuries after standing up to a purse snatcher who tried to rob her on Heyward Street on Aug. 18, then dragged her behind his car when she wouldn’t let go, law enforcement officials said.

The 69-year-old woman held onto her pocketbook as a galoot in a sedan pulled up near Wythe Avenue at 4:40 pm and tried to snatch her stuff. The fiend dragged the woman on the ground as he tried to drive away but she kept holding on, a report states.

When the no-goodnik finally released her purse — and her — he sped off on Heyward Street, officers said.


A goon stole a woman’s valuables from her locker at a restaurant on Maujer Street on Aug. 18, officers reported.

The woman said she locked up her purse in a locker at the restaurant between Waterbury Street and Morgan Avenue. When she checked it at 5 am, she realized a bandit had stolen her Michael Kors purse, the keys to her motorcycle, an Apple iPod, and her wallet. The lock and locker were still intact, according to a report.

Facebook ambush

Three losers attacked a 17-year-old on Clymer Street on Aug. 21 when the teen was headed to befriend a woman he met on Facebook, law enforcement officials said.

The youngster went to an apartment near Bedford Avenue at 2:30 pm and one of the schemers invited the teenager upstairs, then another pulled a knife on him, and a third took his stuff.


A crook stole tires and rims from a car on Sharon Street on Aug. 24, police said.

The vehicle, parked between Morgan Avenue and Olive Street, was held up by concrete blocks when the 50-year-old owner came across it at 9 am, according to an official account.— Vanessa Ogle