It was murder

Bloody streets

A trigger-happy gunman killed a 34-year-old on Lincoln Place and Franklin Avenue on May 19.

Police were called to the corner at 10:56 am and found the victim lying on the ground, bleeding from a single gunshot wound to the head.

The victim, whose name had not been released, died at Kings County Hospital.

Wild ride

A crazed motorist nearly ran over a 35-year-old pedestrian on May 19 — then stopped the car and lunged at him with a pair of scissors when the man critiqued his driving.

Police said that the 44-year-old motorist was weaving all over the road near Flatbush Avenue and Park Place at 12:30 pm when he cut off several cars and nearly hit his victim, who was standing on the curb waiting for the light to change.

When the victim yelled at the wanna-be stock car racer to calm down, the suspect hit the brakes, jumped out of the car and threatened to cut him with the scissors.

Stunned witnesses called police, who quickly put the brakes on any more driving misadventures.

— Thomas Tracy