Italian restaurant opens to rave reviews

Italian restaurant opens to rave reviews
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Park Slope

Mangiare bene tutti persone

Benvenuto to Piccola, the newest trendiest and bestest wine bar, pizza place, and ristorante to mangiare a tutti bene prima portata e dopo dolce. Piccola offers take out and a sit-down menu chock full of goodies, including bruschetta antipasti atop crisp Italian bread, pear salad over greens, succulent tomatoes with a drizzle of balsamico, Osso buco over a heaping helping of creamy risotto, pork chops with mashed ’taters, cod fish for pescetarians, or a big plate of soft, tender gnocchi for pasta preferrers. Desserts include tiramisu and fresh fruit. Piccola also has pizza — from the snazzy fresh tomatoes, arugla, and slices of parmigiano reggiano variety, to your ordinary square or round slice.

Standing O is drooling just talking about it.

Owner Martino Pisani and wife Carmela Pinello already have one restaurant on the block, Tutta Pasta, but wanted to add another one just for our eating pleasure.

“I have a big family, I put them all to work,” joked Martino to Standing O. “The whole block was empty, I felt I had to do something, so we opened here. ”

And boy are we glad he did. Piccola even has the seal of approval of New York’s finest, Lt. Michael Ameri, captain of the 78th precinct, who was happy to help snip-snip the red ribbon on Piccola in November. Hey, we all need a place to mangiare bene.

Piccola Uva Wine Bar & Pizza [161 Seventh Ave. at Garfield Place in Park Slope, (718) 499–1400.