It’s art! Slope store lets you reveal yourself

It’s art! Slope store lets you reveal yourself
The Brooklyn Paper / Allyse Pulliam

Got a deep dark secret? Why not post it on the front of a Park Slope vintage jewelry and clothing store?

The owners of Urban Alchemist, which is on Fifth Street, just east of Fifth Avenue, have been providing space for a nifty art project that lives up to its name, “Dirty Secrets.”

About 50 hand-written mysteries adorn the front window. Some are innocuous (“I still sleep with my teddy bear” or “My resume is a sham”), some are scandalous (“I once had sex with my teacher for an A on a test”), some are just embarrassing (“I have a crush on Joey Fatone”).

Others are just plain horrifying (“I voted for McCain”).

“The idea is to let people reveal their secret,” said co-owner Rebecca Shepherd. “You have no idea how much better you feel when you let it out, even anonymously.”

Shepherd said her favorite was the secret of the lowly worker at a Soho gallery who felt so put upon by his bosses that when they went on vacation, he urinated in their Snapple bottles and then watched in glee when the bosses drank from them days later.

“It’s so delightfully devious and awful,” she said.

So enjoy them while you can; next week, the exhibit will be down — replaced by something equally eye-catching: vintage pornography.

‘Dirty’ laundry: Rebecca Shepherd, co-owner of Urban Alchemist on Fifth Street just east of Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, has covered the front window of her shop in “dirty secrets” that she has collected.
The Brooklyn Paper / Allyse Pulliam