It’s snowing inside Borough Hall station

It’s snowing inside Borough Hall station
Community News Group / Ruth Brown

Borough Hall station became a winter blunder-land on Saturday, after part of the Flatbush-bound 4 and 5 platform filled up with snow, creating a slippery path that had some straphangers worried.

“This is definitely dangerous, especially for the elderly when they get off,” said Crown Heights resident Kharin Anderson, who works Downtown. “This is insane.”

The powder — which had apparently blown in through grates in the ceiling — accumulated in piles of up to approximately 10 inches on and around one of the wooden benches and melted into puddles near the platform’s edge.

One transit worker, tasked with shoveling the frozen water off the main drag and back towards the wall, said the Borough Hall blizzard is a regular phenomenon.

“It happens every time,” he said.

Ice to meet you: Talk about a frosty reception!
Community News Group / Ruth Brown

As of 1 pm, the agency had roped off one of the station’s snow-filled entrances, but the icy platform path remained open to foot traffic — which was fine by one commuter, who said it was just part of life in the big city.

“It’s cool,” said a guy who only identified himself as Luke. “It’s just a New York blizzard. It’s not strange.”

The worker said there were no plans to cordon off the indoor snow field at the time — he would lay down salt and keep shovelling the build-up out of the way.

Gov. Cuomo ordered the transit agency to close all above-ground stations at 4 pm, but underground stops will remain open for now.

The transit authority did not immediately return a request for comment.

Snow way: Part of Borough Hall station is roped off to the public — but not the slippery part next to the tracks.
Community News Group / Ruth Brown