Jerk lies and robs man

90th Precinct



A trickster gave a man a false sense of safety on Bushwick Avenue on June 5, then threw him to the ground and robbed him.

The man was near Boerum Street at 10:45 pm when the stranger approached, he told police.

“This area is safe,” the liar told the victim, but then picked him up, threw him to the ground, and took his iPhone before running off, police reported.

Off the rack

A thief stole a $2,275 leather jacket from a Paul Smith outlet on Grand Street on June 7.

The store manager said the thief entered the store between Roebling and Havemeyer streets at 2 pm, put the pricey jacket under his clothes, and walked out of the store.

Bottle rocket

Police arrested a man who they say slashed another man with a piece of a broken bottle outside of a S. Sixth Street nightclub on June 6.

The victim was near Broadway at 1:50 am when he got into an argument with the brute, he told cops. A witness said the assailant then threw a glass bottle at the victim — but missed, causing the bottle to shatter into pieces after hitting a nearby door.

The man then grabbed a shard and lunged at the man, cutting his head, police reported. Emergency workers took the victim to Woodhull Hospital as cops arrested a suspect.

Phone push

Three thugs pushed a man to the ground on Broadway on June 9 — and then stole his wallet and phone.

The victim told police he was near Roebling Street at 4:10 am when the trio approached him and pushed him to the ground. One took his wallet and phone, and they ran away.


A pushy thief stole a woman’s iPhone on Morgan Avenue on June 10.

The woman was near the Harrison Place subway entrance at 10:12 pm when the crook approached.

“Gimme that!” he demanded, and took the phone from her hands, the victim told cops.

Laptop taken

Someone stole a laptop, iPod, and camera from a S. Second Street apartment on June 9.

The tenant told police he left his apartment between Havemeyer Street and Marcy Avenue at 12:30 am, but when he returned three hours later, his gadgets were gone.

Left the booze

A thief stole $620 from the register of a Grand Street liquor store overnight on June 4.

The manager told cops he locked up his shop near Manhattan Avenue at 10 pm, but when he returned at 1:30 pm the next day, the bar was damaged and the cash was gone.

— Aaron Short