PHOTOS | Kensington students skate with Disney on Ice pros under the Brooklyn Bridge

Kids skating at Brooklyn bridge park
After its debut his winter, Glide at Brooklyn Bridge Park welcomed PS 134 students and Disney On Ice performers for a beginner’s class.
Photo by Ximena Del Cerro

Students from PS 134 in Kensington hit the ice Wednesday during a field trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park, where they got a lesson from Disney on Ice’s professional skaters and performers.

Despite strong winds, the youngsters managed to find their footing — and did not seem to mind the cold at Glide, the borough’s newest ice skating rink which debuted this winter under the bridge.

kids skating learning to skate with the help of disney instructors
The kids learned how to glide by holding on to plastic Simba slides.Photo by Ximena Del Cerro.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Disney On Ice skater Emily Lyeth. “The wind made it an extra challenge. I’ve never had everyone pushed across the ice by the wind before but it was fun. The children seemed to have really enjoyed it.”

Kids skating in Dumbo
Some worked really hard, leaving sweat — but no tears — on the rink.Photo by Ximena Del Cerro

Ice skating is known to bolster motor skill development. According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information, when children have good motor control, it helps them to explore the world around them and also promotes cognitive development. Motor skills involving every part of the body enhance opportunities for social interaction, something educators said is especially crucial after kids were stuck learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brooklyn bridge park ice rink with williamsburg bridge view
The kids skated right under the Brooklyn Bridge with a premium view of the Williamsburg Bridge.Photo by Ximena Del Cerro

“It’s a great physical activity,” said Lyeth, who is on her first tour with Disney on Ice. “It’s a way to move your body and stay in shape but also a very good discipline-building skill. Ice skating doesn’t come naturally so getting out there and getting on the ice is a great way to teach kids how to persevere.”

brooklyn Bridge park ice rink
Some crashes and falls occurred, but no one was discouraged.Photo by Ximena Del Cerro

After some gliding and a few falls (and lots of smiles and laughter), the students were treated to some hot chocolate inside Glide’s cafeteria — where a surprise guest was waiting for them. Disney’s own Mickey Mouse stopped by to take pictures with the kids and their families.

Mickey mouse showed up at Glide in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Mickey Mouse showed up at Glide in Brooklyn Bridge Park.Photo by Ximena Del Cerro

“I fell like 500 times,” said PS 134 student Kengo Sato. Sato has skated before at the borough’s well known ice rink at Prospect Park, but he told Brooklyn Paper he now prefers skating under the Brooklyn Bridge.

kids drinking hot chocolate at ice rink
The kids received Mickey Mouse crowns and hot chocolate for their efforts.Photo by Ximena Del Cerro

Disney on Ice: Find Your Hero returns to Brooklyn for eight shows beginning Jan. 18, through Jan. 21.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit barclayscenter.com.