Knife-wielding thief makes off with woman’s iPhone

94th Precinct


No tip

Two men who ordered food delivered to a Frost Street home on Sept. 24 not only stiffed the delivery guy on the tip, but also stole the food and put him in a chokehold.

The victim told police the he was in front of the house between Debevoise and Morgan avenues at 9:20 pm when the violent customer grabbed him in a chokehold from behind and another man ripped the bag of food from his hand. The robbers then ran into the house with the food.

Liquor store robbed

Four armed men stormed a Driggs Avenue liquor store on Sept. 27 — taking more than $7,000 and several bottles of liquor.

The victim told police he was just about to close up his store

A man was just about to close up his Driggs Avenue liquor store at Russell Street at 9:45 pm when four men stormed the store, pointed a gun at him, and took a total of $7,800 from the register, lotto machine, and the safe. They also grabbed several bottles of liquor.

There are 16 cameras in the store and they all recorded the robbery, but so far, police have not arrested anyone.

Phone snatched

Two men stole a woman’s cellphone from her on Lorimer Street as she was on her way to work on Sept. 28.

The woman told police that she was between Noble and Calyer streets at 12:30 pm when a man grabbed her in a chokehold and another man grabbed her iPhone out of her hand. The cowardly robbers ran and the victim chased them for a few blocks until she lost sight of them.

Nice watch

A crafty thief stole a man’s watch on Wither Street on Sept. 29.

The victim told police he was under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at 3 am on his way home from a bar when the thief said, “That’s a nice watch, can I see it?”

When the victim put his hand up to show him the watch, the robber punched him in the head, knocked him to the ground, and pulled the watch off of his wrist.

— Danielle Furfaro