Knife-wielding thug stabs man on Grand Street

90th Precinct


Pool stabbing

A knife-wielding thug stabbed a man in his left hand and belly outside a Grand Street pool hall on Feb. 4.

The victim was playing pool at the hall near Roebling Street at 3:30 am when he saw his friends having a dispute with the hoodlum on the street. So he ran outside to break up the fight, but the thug pulled out a knife and stabbed him once in his left hand and twice in the belly, and then ran away.

Golf outing

Five thugs repeatedly struck a man with golf clubs at S. Third Street on Feb. 4.

The man was on Hooper Street at 3:30 am when the group approached him. One shouted, “Get him!” then they all started striking the man’s face and body with the clubs.

They fled a few minutes later.

Botched robbery

Police arrested a resident of a Maujer Street building who they say tried to rob a delivery man inside the building on Feb. 4.

The victim was making the delivery to the man’s apartment near Graham Avenue at 10:40 am when the man allegedly pulled the delivery man into the doorway of his apartment, pointed a silver gun in his face, and said, “Give me the f— money, mother—-.”

The delivery man told cops he refused the man’s demands. That’s when he allegedly followed the victim outside the building and said, “Give me the money or I’ll kill you,” but the victim again refused and called the police.

Cops say they arrested a suspect shortly after.


Two robbers stole a man’s iPhone on Scholes Street on Feb. 6.

The victim told police that he was near Graham Avenue at 1:55 am when the duo approached him. One asked, “Can I see your phone?” and flashed a knife.

The victim handed over his cellphone and the two fled.


A thief grabbed a woman’s iPhone on Bedford Avenue on Feb. 6.

The woman was near Bedford Avenue at around 2 am when the jerk took the phone right out of her hand and fled.

Miller mayhem

A thief stole $200 from a Hope Street restaurant on Jan. 30.

The proprietor of Miller’s Tavern told cops that he locked up the establishment near Havemeyer Street at 1:46 am, but when he returned at 8 am, he saw the front door was damaged and the cash box was missing.

Toyota swiped

A thief stole a Toyota parked on S. Third Street sometime after Feb. 1.

The driver told police that she parked her car near Borinquen Place at 11 pm on Feb. 1, but when she returned to the spot four days later, she saw it was missing.

Mazda taken

A thief stole a Mazda parked on Montrose Avenue on Feb. 3.

The driver parked her car near Union Avenue at 10 pm, but when she returned four hours later, she saw her car was gone.

Tool time

A thief stole $3,800 worth of tools from a van parked on Manhattan Avenue on Jan. 28.

The driver parked his car near Meserole Street at 6 pm, but when he returned at 6 am the next day, he saw someone jimmied his car’s locks and took his stuff.

— Aaron Short