Lobby attack in Fort Greene

Lobby robbery

A thief attacked two women in the lobby of a S. Elliott Place apartment building on May 13 as they checked the mail.

The stranger sneaked up from behind at 9 pm inside the building between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, held one woman at knifepoint, and yelled at the other, “Just get out of here!”

When the friend ran for help, the crook released his victim and chased after the one he sent away. He grabbed her at the doorway and snatched her purse.

The attacker cut one woman’s back and fled with a Droid phone, iPhone, fancy earrings and credit cards.

Phoned it in

Two thieves demanded money from a man on St. Edwards Street on May 10 — but swiped his iPhone when he said he had no cash.

The 18-year-old victim was near Auburn Place at 9 am when the crooks approached him and one demanded, “Give me your money.” After he refused, they demanded his phone.

The victim refused once again, so the rotten duo rifled his pockets, grabbed the expensive device, and fled.

Foul play

A 14-year-old thief robbed another teen’s phone at a school playground on Adelphi Street on May 9.

The teens were near PS 20 at Willoughby Avenue at 3 pm when the young crook dug into his 13-year-old peer’s pockets and stole the mobile.

The swindler fled, but cops later arrested a suspect a block away. Police said he was caught with the phone.

Sound off

A 16-year-old mugger snatched some fancy headphones from a teen on Fulton Street and St. James Place on May 13.

The thief ripped off the 15-year-old victim’s Beats by Dr. Dre-brand cans at 9 am and fled, but police arrested their suspect and said he still had the $200 device on him.

Con game

Two female fraudsters tricked a 63-year-old woman into giving them $8,000 on May 13 at Clinton and Myrtle avenues in exchange for a mystery bag that supposedly held tens of thousands more in cash.

The grifters approached the gullible victim at 10 am and said they had $60,000 in a bag, which could be hers in exchange for $8,000 hard cash.

The woman made the tempting trade only to discover a bag full of worthless paper.

Subway stickup

A trio of punks robbed a 19-year-old man on the 4 train at Atlantic Avenue on May 13.

The victim was on the train under Flatbush Avenue at 2 am when the three thieves sat across from him and scowled.

One of the crooks cornered the sorry straphanger and asked, “Do you have any money?” He then pointed to the victim’s watch and ring, which the victim quickly handed over.

A second crook grabbed the man’s BlackBerry from his jacket and yanked his headphones from his ears.

The thieves split, but cops say they arrested the thugs further up the line in Manhattan.

The victim’s things were recovered.

Dirty money

A sneaky stranger nabbed a man’s wallet as he shopped at a hardware store on Fulton Street on May 13.

The 33-year-old man set his billfold on some potting soil bags at Go Greene Hardware at S. Portland Avenue at 4:30 pm, but after he left the store realized it was gone.

He lost $1,000 and cards.

Open tab

A pickpocket grabbed a woman’s wallet from a bar on Grand Avenue on May 12.

The 30-year-old customer told cops that she was inside the bar at Putnam Avenue at 11 pm. When she tried pay her tab, she noticed that her wallet was gone. She later discovered that the thief used her credit card at McDonald’s and a Fulton Street liquor store.

Night discount

A thief stole a computer, Kindle, Apple iTouch and journal from a BMW on Myrtle Avenue on May 14.

The owner of the electronic loot told police he parked near Clinton Avenue at midnight and returned in the morning to find someone had broken into his vehicle.

Head to head

An irate woman whacked a woman in the head with a cellphone and bit her hand during an argument on Tillary Street on May 15.

Police say the woman attacked the 33-year-old female victim at 3 am in the lobby of a women’s shelter at Prince Street.

The beaten woman was taken to Brooklyn Hospital and treated for a cut above her left eye and bite on her thumb. Police arrested the alleged 46-year-old aggressor.

Bar none

A thief grabbed the wallet from a Europe-loving Pratt Institute student while she partied at a nightclub on Myrtle Avenue on May 6.

The 31-year-old student was at the watering hole at Emerson Place at 1:30 am when she noticed that her wallet, cards, $20 and 160 Euros were missing.

— Kate Briquelet