Lots and lots of crimes

90th Precinct


Blackberry picked

A thief stole a phone from a woman on Roebling Street on Sept. 8.

The victim was near S. Third Street at 8:30 pm, when the perp ran up from behind, grabbed the phone, and ran toward the Williamsburg Bridge.

Bag job

A perp stole a woman’s belongings on Bedford Avenue on Sept. 9.

The victim was near S. Third Street at 3:10 am, when the perp approached her and grabbed her leather bag. She tried to hold onto it, but the perp pushed her away and fled.


A thief stole a woman’s backpack on Powers Street home on Sept 9.

The victim was entering her building near Graham Avennue at 4:10 am, when the perp approached her on her stoop and grabbed her knapsack. She chased him, but lost him a block away.

Choke hold

A thief choked a woman on McKibbin Street and stole her phone on Sept 9.

The victim was near White Street at 12:45 am, when the perp approached her and wrapped his arms around her neck.

“What are you doing, let me go!” she screamed, but dropped her phone, which the thief promptly grabbed.

Dollar daze

A thug got only a Washington off a man on Graham Avenue — then punched the victim because it was too little cash.

The victim was near Scholes Street at 1:40 am, when the perp approached him and asked, “Do you have any money?”

The victim gave him $1, but the unsatisfied perp punched his face and the perp gave up $100, his phone and a digital camera.

Devoe-ted thief

A burglar took a video game system and a cellphone from a Devoe Street apartment on Sept. 9.

The tenant left her apartment at 5 pm, but when she returned to her building near Union Avenue less than two hours later, she saw her door kicked in and her stuff missing.

Kindle krime

A thief grabbed two computers and an Amazon Kindle from a S. Fourth Street apartment last week.

The tenant left her apartment near Hewes Street at 4 am on Sept. 1, but when she returned home on Sept. 6, she noticed that her property was missing.

Basement burg

A thief cleaned out a Devoe Street home’s basement of video and audio tapes on Sept. 6.

A neighbor heard the building’s cellar door open at 1:10 am and saw the alleged perp closing the door 20 minutes later. She called the police, but he fled toward Bushwick Avenue.

Choppered up

A thief stole a motorcycle from a Grand Street parking garage last week.

The driver locked up his bike and covered it on a lot near Marcy Avenue on Sept. 3, but when he returned four days later, the cover was on the floor and the bike was gone.


A thief stole a computer and iPod from a car on Siegel Street on Sept. 8.

The driver parked near White Street at 8 am, and returned at 4 pm to find his driver’s-side window broken and his stuff missing.

— Aaron Short