Loud-mouthed thug steals cellphone

94th Precinct


Keep your voice down

An aggressive lout harrassed a young man on Jackson Street on July 19 — until the victim was scared enough to hand over his Galaxy cellphone.

The victim told police he was near Woodpoint Road on his way home from summer school at 10:15 am when the man walked up and yelled, “If you don’t give me your phone, I’ll hit you.”

The victim crossed the street, but the lout followed him and kept yelling until the victim handed over his phone.


An apartment building on N. Henry Street experienced a rash of burglaries on July 18.

The owner of the building near Engert Avenue told police he received a call from his tenant letting him know that his apartment had been broken into. When the landlord returned home, he found that two other apartments had also been broken into.

There were a number of items taken from the three homes during the hours of 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, police said.

Don’t answer the door

A woman found herself in the presence of a scary brute when she opened the door to her Monitor Street apartment on July 22.

The victim told police she was in her apartment at noon when the bell rang. She hit the buzzer to let the ringer in because she thought it was her friend. When she opened the door she found the man, who forced his way inside her hallway.

She told the man she planned to call the police, he looked at her and said, “This is how people get hurt,” and then kicked the wall, causing about $50 in damage, she said. Police arrested a suspect close by.

Take it with you

A thief snatched the bag of a McCarren Park goer on July 14.

The victim told police she was relaxing in the park at 6:30 pm when she went to use the park’s restroom, leaving her bag unattended. When she returned, it was missing. She later found out the debit card inside had been used to make purchases.

Left on blocks

A crook stripped a car parked on Frost Street sometime overnight on July 18.

The victim told police he left his vehicle near Woodpoint Road late at night. When he returned the next morning, he found the passenger-side front and back 18-inch rims and tires gone, and the car left on cinder blocks.

— Danielle Furfaro