Man beaten on Burnett Street

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Standing ground

Two thugs assaulted a man on Burnett Street on Jan. 4.

The victim was in Marine Park near Avenue U at 2:40 pm, when the two punks attacked. One of the perps punched him in the face, while the other attempted to wrestle the man’s wallet and cellphone from his pockets. But the victim managed to fight them off — coming out of the ordeal battered, but none the poorer.

Pistol and the ipod

A gun-wielding thief robbed a man on Utica Avenue on Jan. 3.

The victim was between Avenues I and J at 10:40 pm, when he heard a noise behind him and turned around to find the thug leveling a pistol at his chest. The crook stripped the man of his iPod before fleeing.

Broken bandit

A thug tried to steal a man’s cellphone on Flatbush Avenue on Jan. 5 — but came away empty-handed after accidentally breaking the phone.

The victim was holding his phone near Flatlands Avenue at 6:35 pm when the perp approached him and told the man to hand it over. After the victim refused, the punk smacked his hand, knocking the cellphone onto the pavement and destroying it in the process. The thief picked it up, decided he didn’t want it anymore, dropped it, and left.

Shoe steal

A thief robbed a house on Whitman Drive on Dec. 30.

The crook entered the house near Indiana Place through the back door at around 4 pm, stealing shoes and handbags before fleeing.

Cart crook

A thief stole from a woman’s shopping cart on at an Avenue L store on Dec. 26.

The victim left the cart unattended in the store near Ralph Avenue at around 4 pm. The crook nabbed her debit, credit, and social security cards before she returned.

Frisky thief

A crook nabbed debit and credit cards from a jacket left unattended during a party on Utica Avenue on Dec. 31.

The victim said he left his jacket unattended during the party near Avenue M. When he returned to it at 10:30 pm, he found that his cards had been pilfered from the pockets.

When he checked with his bank later, he found that unauthorized charges had been made on the stolen cards.


A thief stripped the tires off a man’s car on E. 57th Street on Jan. 5.

The man parked his 2008 Infiniti near Avenue K at 2:20 pm. When he returned the next day, he found his car right where he left it, sans four rims and tires.

Grand theft fail

A crook pilfered a man’s car on Avenue U on Jan. 8.

The victim left his 2003 GMC in the King’s Plaza parking lot at 6 pm, and returned later that evening to find that his vehicle’s passenger-side door and steering column had been damaged in an attempt to steal the car. Unable to take the victim’s wheels, the thief instead settled for his navigation system and baby formula.

— Colin Mixson