More than bookworms! Students: Bed bugs and other creepy crawlies are taking over Brooklyn College

Bedbugs: Fact or fiction?
Associated Press / Carolyn Kaster

Brooklyn college students are buggin’ out!

The Flatbush campus is infested with bedbugs and other creepy crawlers, and students are demanding the school take action or cough up some tuition money.

“Either give us free tuition or take care of the school,” wrote Marsha Kayy in the “Brooklyn College in the Know” Facebook page.

The school confirmed that the tough-to-eradicate blood suckers had indeed sunken their metaphorical teeth into the campus but claimed it squashed the threat.

“Over the past week, we’ve received isolated reports of bed bugs in two separate areas on campus,” a letter sent to students on April 5 states. “Our pest-control experts have conducted inspections, and all areas have been treated. No additional activity (such as live insects, carcasses, or eggs) was identified.”

Students reported finding bedbugs in Boylan and Roosevelt halls, the library, and the Georgian Room, a basement-level section of the Boylan Hall Cafeteria, according to Facebook posts.

Officials suggested the parasites hitchhiked onto campus.

But pupils have posted photos and videos of various other vermin — including what appear to be cockroaches — in the library and dining hall.

Thursday I post about the bed bug situation in the library. Today, BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE INSECTS ! this time, I have a chance to post it .. either give us free tuition or take care of the school !!!!

Posted by Marsha Kayy on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Some students balked at classmates bugging the school for free tuition, claiming the critters are simply a fact of life.

“If you really expect that free tuition is deserved because there are some bugs, that’s not an even trade at all?” Facebook user Gallal Gerudo wrote. “You can’t expect for there to be absolutely no bugs on a campus, especially in NYC.”

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