Murder on Moore Street

B’wick homicide

A gunman killed a man with a single bullet in front of his Bushwick Avenue apartment building on Oct. 10.

The victim had been outside the building, which is near Moore Street, at 2:30 am when a man rushed up, fired the lone bullet, and fled.

The victim was taken to Woodhull Hospital, but it was too late to save him.

Chocolate wise

Three hungry thieves broke into a kosher chocolate shop on Lee Avenue and stole its ice cream machines on Oct 7.

The perps, two of which were allegedly former employees, clipped the lock to the front door near Keap Street at 1:30 am, and grabbed what they could carry.

The perps made off with the ice cream maker, a mixer, and an iced coffee and cappuccino machine, worth $8,600 in total, before the owner returned 12 hours later.

When the owner returned, he noticed a text message from one of the alleged perps saying, “I have changed the lock to the front door and left the key in the mail box.”

Fence robbery

Two perps pushed their victims against a fence on Harrison Place and robbed them on Oct. 10.

The thugs approached two men near Bogart Street at 8:10 am, forcing one against the fence and the other onto the ground. One perp punched the man on the ground with his fist while the other stood over him, brandishing a knife.

The perps rifled through his pockets, took his phone and Metrocard, and ran away.

Choke hold

Two perps choked and robbed a man on Oct. 10 as he was about to enter a building on Graham Avenue.

The two thugs approached the man from behind near Seigel Street at 10:30 pm, when one grabbed the victim’s neck, causing him to faint. They took $40 and ran away as he lay on the ground, lifeless.

Cage fight

Two women bloodied each other in a fight on Maujer Street on Oct. 10, when one bit one woman’s ear off and punctured the woman’s head.

The women approached each other at 2:25 am near Morgan Avenue and an argument ensued. Eventually, it became violent, and one woman bit off a piece of the other’s ear. That’s when the chomped-upon woman struck her opponent in the head and threw her to the ground.

Both women were arrested and taken to Woodhull Hospital.

Grand larceny

A perp stole a man’s unlocked Dodge Ram from Grand Street on Oct. 9.

The perp broke into the car after its owner parked it near Union Avenue at 7:55 am and left the keys in the vehicle. When the owner returned five minutes later, his car was gone.

Boerum robbery

A thug pushed his victim to the ground and robbed her on Oct. 3 on Bushwick Avenue.

The perp approached his victim near Boerum Street at 3:30 am and said, “Let me walk you home,” before grabbing her and forcing her to the ground.

He took $125 and fled.


A thug robbed a woman on Manhattan Avenue on Oct. 4 as she was walking by Fortunatos Bakery.

The thug approached the victim from behind at 12:42 am, pushing her to the ground and stealing her purse. He ran eastbound on Powers Street with $40.

Honda stolen

A perp stole a man’s motorcycle from S. Fourth Street on Oct. 7.

The owner parked the motorbike near Bedford Avenue at 1 am, but when he returned to it six hours later, he discovered that hit had been swiped.

Havemeyer burg

A thief broke into a Havemeyer Street apartment on Oct. 8, stealing two computers, a video recorder and a cellphone.

The perp entered the apartment near S. First Street after its tenant left at 10:45 am. When she returned to her apartment an hour later, she found her stuff was stolen.