Nasty pistol-whipping

Face smash

A violent scoundrel pistol-whipped a man on York Street on Feb 10.

The 43-year-old victim was near Bridge Street at 7:40 am, when someone hit him in the forehead with a shotgun. A driver then rushed him to Brooklyn Hospital Center, where a doctor sewed up his face with stitches.

Bad note

A crook with cojones robbed a bank on Montague Street on Feb 11.

A man wearing a ski cap entered the Sovereign Bank at 11:20 am, then passed the teller a note that read, “No dye packs, no one gets hurt.”

He flashed a weapon inside his jacket, and the worker handed over $2,400, sending the thief fleeing towards Cadman Plaza West.

Cops are hunting for a 5-foot-9 inch, 50-year-old, 180-pound man.


A thief stole a bunch of electronics from an apartment on Pacific Street on Feb. 11.

The 31-year-old victim told cops that he left his apartment, near Third Avenue, at 10 pm, and came back two hours later to find his front door unlocked and the place ransacked.

Closer inspection revealed that his laptop, Blackberry cellphone and PlayStation were gone.

Toy snatch

A jerk swiped cash from an elderly lady’s bag at a toy shop on Fulton Mall on Feb 9.

The woman told cops that she was shopping near Bond Street at 2 pm, when a middle-aged woman dug into her bag, grabbed cash and a Metrocard, then ran away.

Bummer jog

An opportunistic thief snatched a wallet at a Polytechnic University gym on Feb. 7.

The 20-year-old victim told cops he placed his billfold on a treadmill inside the workout room in the college on Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue Promenade at 12:40 pm. After about 20 minutes, he got off the machine, left the gym and realized left his wallet behind.

When he returned, it was gone.

Snatch university

A thief snatched a wallet and some girly goodies at a college on Willoughby Street on Feb 10.

The 23-year-old victim told cops she left her pink Fossil wallet on her desk inside ASA University, near Lawrence Street, at 12:50 pm. A video camera shows a shadowy man enter the building a few minutes later.

When the girl came back, about 20 minutes later, the wallet — along with Victoria Secret and Macy’s credit cards inside — was gone.

Jewelry heist

A sneaky crook stole some bejeweled family heirlooms from a woman on Livingston Street on Feb. 5.

The victim told cops that she left her home, near Court Street, at 4:30 pm and returned about three hours later. Six days later, she noticed that her grandma’s gold bangle bracelet, chunky gold necklace and white diamond bracelet — which are worth a total of $6,000 — were no longer in her closet.

Transit thief

A brazen jerk snatched a fancy cellphone from a woman’s hand on the A train on Feb. 11.

The 24-year-old girl told cops that she was waiting for a Manhattan-bound train under Cadman Plaza at 12:25 pm when a thug reached over her shoulder, said, “Give me that,” grabbed her black iPhone, and ran out of the station.

Bus bandit

A thief stole a straphanger’s wallet on a bus on Fulton Street on Feb 7.

The 45-year-old victim told cops that she boarded the bus at 5:45 pm, near Jay Street, took out her Metrocard and sat down. When she tried to put the card back in her wallet, seconds later, she discovered it was gone.

Inside were food stamps, a driver’s license and checkbook.

Locker grab

A crafty thief snatched a fancy bag from a gym-goer on Duffield Street on Feb 10.

The victim told cops that he put his North Face bag — which was full of designer jeans, cash and credit cars — inside a locker at Planet Fitness gym at about 11:30 am. He locked it, went for a workout, then returned two hours later to find his stuff gone.

The gym is a frequent site of break-ins during workouts.

— Natalie O’Neill