New help for Sandy-stricken homeowners

A recovery program homeowners who aren’t getting help through the city’s Build It Back Sandy recovery program will be taking new applications starting July 29.

The Gerritsen Beach Long Term Recovery Program will repair houses in the neighborhood that are still damaged from Hurricane Sandy but homeowners either did not quality for or opted out of Build It Back, the federally funded, city-run program that offers aid to businesses and residents damaged during the 2012 storm.

Funded by the American Red Cross and the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers grant, the program is administered by Gerritsen Beach Cares but is open to homeowners across Brooklyn.

There are about 50 houses already scheduled for repairs, and work is expected to begin on Aug. 4. The director of the program said residents can still sign up by visiting the office of Gerritsen Beach Cares beginning July 29.

“Anybody that is in Gerritsen Beach needs to register,” said Jameson Wells, the executive director of the localized recovery program. “All they have to do is come to the office.”

Wells said the program — which is tentatively scheduled to wrap up in December — has his neighbors excited about the help.

“They’re thrilled,” he said.

Gerritsen Beach Long Term Recovery Program at Gerritsen Beach Cares (2676 Gerritsen Ave.). Registration begins July 29.

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